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Snow & Ice cleats

Walk, run, and hike throughout the winter with snow and ice cleats from STABIL.

Explore our collection of winter traction cleats for every outdoor sport.

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    ice and snow cleats: experience the outdoors without limits

    Designed to endure the toughest elements, our ice and snow spikes provide serious traction and stability in harsh winter conditions. Hike longer and farther with our STABILicers Hike XP, ideal for a weekend on the trail. Reach new heights and discover new terrain with our most aggressive cleat yet, the STABILicers Hike Macro. Featuring a 1/2'' stainless macro cleat and a binding system, this cleat will carry you from the bottom of the summit to the top. And for the walkers, golfers, and ice fishermen, browse our selection of ice and snow grips and keep doing what you love all winter long.

    Ice grips for shoes fit easily and securely over your own footwear, and when you're done, simply fold them up and store them for the next adventure. Our collection also includes heel grips, perfect for extreme mountain biking or driving, as well as overshoes that provide traction while keeping your feet warm and dry.

    Explore our collection of snow and ice cleats today to find the perfect fit for your next adventure.